RBRK is a handbag designer brand that belongs to a handbag craftsman family.  The brand’s name stands for the four siblings’ initials that are Rita, Betty, Rock and Kason. Their parents spend their whole life in the handbag industry and have been dreaming to have their own brand eventually. Finally, these four siblings made it happen and established RBRK in fall 2011. They take different roles and work as a team to show their passion and team spirit for the brand. The second child, Betty, is the designer who was raised in Hong Kong and educated at Fashion Institute of Technology New York. Betty loves the dynamic and energetic atmosphere between Hong Kong and New York.  This city lifestyle inspires her designs a lot. She aims to mix and match the eastern and western styles and creates the bags which fit the metropolitan city girl’s everyday styles and needs for RBRK.

RBRK’s mission is to divert the family’s solidarity spirit into the brand’s core value and devote their professional craftsman’s work into the products. So they can bring its customers variety of fashionable styles yet practical handbags that meet their daily lifestyle needs and show their personalities. Regardless of age, RBRK believes all people can be cute, elegant and chic as long as they want to be.